Not Mom, just Candace

Back to reality today after a great weekend of being Candace. I wasn’t mom, I wasn’t Mrs. Wu, I was just me. This may sound weird to some people, but I am always with my kids or teaching. Moms don’t get days off, unless they escape!! 

I love my kids more than anything, but day in and day out of the daily grind really can put its toll on people. I, for one, neeeed a break. These breaks only come around once every few months if I am lucky, but when I see an opportunity- I take it! 

Wayne and I went to Philly for the weekend. I love Philly. I love the cheesesteaks and I love the fresh donuts. I love the Reading Terminal Market and Wayne discovered a new burger place. Love love love! It doesn’t take much to make me happy! Burgers, cheesesteaks and donuts!! 

We were able to spend some quality time being husband and wife. No responsibilities! It was awesome! We were able to sleep in, walk around a lot, and discover new places! Check out this view: 

It was amazing and the weather was beautiful. We really lucked out! Not really having a plan for the weekend, I wasn’t sure what to bring, but I knew I couldn’t leave home without these: 

This is my little stash I bring with me everywhere! My thieves immune booster, peppermint, my diy face serum packed with rosehip oil, YL essential oils, tamanu oil and jojoboa! My en-r-gee essential oil, digize for my crazy stomach- I love dairy but it doesn’t love me, and my secret roll on 😉 these get me thru my day to day!

I wish I remembered to bring my fitbit to track the amount we walked! It felt good to get out and get moving! It’s really all about baby steps and taking it one day at a time to be succesful. 

Thank you to my husband, Wayne, for planning such a great trip! You did amazing and I am so thankful for you! As working parents used to the daily grind, we forget the importance of giving our marriage just as much priority as everything else. I love you ❤ 

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