I just want to give a shout out to Young Living Essential Oil Thieves!!!

Being a school teacher and a mom, I am exposed to germs every single day. Let’s face it as hard as it is to teach, there are no sick days as a mom. When I am sick and need to take off work, I still have my kids to take care of so there are never days off.

In order to try to stay ahead of the sicknesses that come with the territory, I use an immunity booster daily! I make a roll on with Young living Thieves, Lemon, and Oregano for an extra kick. I mix them together and top off with a carrier oil to dilute it. I rub it in the bottom of my feet every single morning. If I know there is a sickness going around, I apply it twice a day!


The other day, I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose out of nowhere! I drank warm water with lemon, applied diluted thieves directly to my throat a couple times throughout the day, and did my immune roller approximately 3 times. Before I went to sleep that night, I put a little extra on my feet! Believe it or not, when I woke up, I felt better! No more sore throat and felt fine!

Now, something I need to point out. This was done at the onset of a cold. I did not wait until it was worse and then tried the essential oils to claim they don’t work. It is crucial with EO’s to use them regularly and has a preventive measure in order for them to be effective.

When my kids got sick, it reduced the time they were sick down to a few days when prior to using Young living it would be a week to two weeks for them to feel relief!! Everyone is different and essential oils are the same. Each oil can have a different impact on each individual person. That’s the beauty in it, there is no one size fits all. Even though it can be frustrating at times, it is important to remember that essential oils can help benefit your life when uses correctly and consistently.


*If you are interested in learning more about Young living essential oils, please feel free to contact me. I am more than happy to help!

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