Deep Relief and DiGize! 

Since my one month check in, I have discovered some more helpful young living essential oils as well as how to eat less carbs. It is a conscious effort to reduce my carb intake as I eat them allll the time!

I have told my husband I want to try to cut down on the amount of rice we eat at dinner and to include more veggies! He made me chicken fajitas which I have never had before and they were really good! In addition, I took a salad for lunch:

This may not seem like a lot to many people, but for me this is huge. To be honest, I have taken a peanut butter sandwich for lunch almost everyday since elementary school. It felt good to be eating a healthier lunch and I intend to bring salad more often!

Now, the important stuff! Young living deep relief roll on and digize!! These two oils right here helped me so much on this crazy snow day! I live in New Jersey and we got hit with a huge snow storm! Whenever the the weather gets bad, I get really bad pain. The worst is my hip, there are no words to describe this! As soon as it started to hurt, I went for the deep relief roll on.


It doesn’t help within seconds so do not expect an unrealistic outcome. However, once it does begin to work- it helped ease the pain and I was able to fall asleep! As soon as I got up, I rolled it on my hip again and was even able to help my husband shovel some snow. I will probably need more later on from shoveling the snow, but the point is it worked! Also,  deep relief has helped for migraines as well! When a drop of peppermint doesn’t do the trick, the next thing I go for is the deep relief and it helps so much!

Now, Digize!

 This oil I do not use often. I have spoke about tummygize which is basically the diluted kids version that I have used on my son and daughter! Digize saved me today from what would have been a lactose intolerant nightmare. Not paying attention to which milk I was grabbing, I drank the regular milk instead of the lactose free milk. As soon as I realized I drank the wrong milk, I put some diluted digize on my stomach and it helped ease some of the discomfort!!! Maybe I can drink milk again?!?! I will have to try again on a weekend or day I am off! 🙂

I have heard that these two oils are extremely beneficial for a wide variety of things but have not really used them myself. Young living essential oils has greatly benefitted our lives and again, I am so thankful to have been introduced to them. As a result, I do not need over the counter medicines and even find emotional support from them! Oils for the win!

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