This young living essential oil right here:


Has so many uses and never ceases to amaze me. When Genevieve and Blake were sick, I put one-two drops in my hand mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed it on their chest and back. It helped their cough and definitely helped them feel better faster. I was so relieved that I had something on hand to help them with their coughs and cold. It stinks when kids are sick to begin with but being almost 3 and 1 year old, there isn’t much you can do for them.

I started researching into Frankincense a lot more and started becoming aware that it can be used for many, many things. One thing I found truly intrigued was its ability to help fade acne scars, support healing of skin, and overall appearance. I decided to give this a try on my many acne scars. In just 2 weeks, I was blown away by how much less you could see the scars on my face. The before picture was taken on January 19 as shown and the after was taken Friday, February 3. I put a single drop on my hand are dabbed in on each scar. That is it!! Seriously, that is all it took!

I have added frankincense to my homemade toner, face scrub, and as well as a sensitive/dry skin lotion I made for us yesterday!

My skin gets extremely dry and cracks and bleeds. My husband and both kids have skin issues in the winter and one application has helped reduce the redness and itchiness! Honestly sometimes just to even smell. The smell alone is so calming.

 I can’t wait to continue to personally discover all the additional benefits of Frankincense! In addition,  I look forward to figuring out the benefits of all the other oils I use on a daily basis as well as new ones I continue to try! The options are endless. 

*if you are interested in learning more about young living, please contact me! You will not be disappointed.

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