One month check in

It has been one month since I started my journey on wellness. Why didn’t I wait until the first? Well, to me it was a now or never decision. People always wait until Monday to start fresh, or the first of the month, but what they fail to realize is that every single day is a fresh start. This has been something I continue to work on and to remember that just because yesterday was a rough day does not mean today will be to.

It is important to focus on the positives and to try to see the good in people, everyday blessings, and everything around us. If you are reading this, that means you woke up this morning, have access to the internet and are already in a better position than many others.

In my first month, these are a few things I have come to realize:

1. Happiness is not something that comes natural to me. I am a born pessimist, but in my conscious effort to have more gratitude, I find myself somewhat happier, have more patience- especially for my kids, and a general overall feeling of gratitude for what I have.

2. Nothing happens overnight. This month was not spent on a crash diet or vowing to go to the gym everyday because I knew I would fail. It takes time incorporate changes into your routine. In fact, according to research, it takes 21 days for something to become a “habit” and I was in no position to change my diet and exercise habits so drastically.

3. Young living essential oils has changed my life for the better in more ways than I can count. I truly believe they are a big part in helping me cope with stress and overwhelmed feelings. In addition, they have helped us when my kids were sick and when my pain problems were getting the best of me- just to name a few. These essential oils have been a blessing and I truly want everyone to benefit from them. Over the years, I have tried everything possible to feel better and never would have guessed these would be my solution and becoming part of my everyday routine!!  

4. As I go through the rest of the year, I plan to incorporate other changes one at a time to increase my chance at success. My next goal is to try to cut down my carbs to physically feel better. It is a very difficult lifestyle change so I am going to start small. I cannot cut carbs our completely since I just eat them way too much 😦 so one day at a time, one step at a time, one less carb at a time! Here we go month two!

*if you are interested in learning more about young living  please contact me or if you are interested in purchasing a kit or specific oils, please use my link: Candace’s personal link   You will not be disappointed.

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