Young living!

It has been about 2 weeks since I started my journey back to wellness. I have learned a lot in a short amount of time.

During winter break, my son had a stomach bug followed by random fevers. Using young living essential oils, I rubbed diluted 1 drop peppermint and 1 drop lemon to his spine. Within an hour he was fine. Then, I found myself sick with a cold and still have symptoms. I realized that I had missed my immunity roll on for 2 days taking care of my son and ended up sick. I created a roll-on blend of thieves, lemon and a carrier oil and apply it to my feet morning and night. Realistically, being a school teacher I am exposed to germs on a daily basis. The immunity booster blend is amazing, I can feel a difference when I forget to use it.

In the mean time, I have created a hair growth serum, face toner, and anti-aging serum – you know since I am 30 and I need to start using anti-aging stuff, correct? 😉  It makes me feel so much better knowing that products I am using and having the ingredient list be a few items followed by pure essential oils. My skin is also super sensitive and I have very dry/acne prone skin in the winter and so far it has been working out nicely! No break outs!  Now to work on fading my acne scars and pregnancy mask…

One thing has been a bit of challenge for me with essential oils is there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to combos and recipes. I am very type A and want to know exactly what you put in right down to the drop, however, not all oils work the same for everyone. For example, every single person I have been in contact with loves loves loves peace and calming. This oil is a hot ticket item and has been out of stock for quite some time making an appearance in December. Since everyone had to get this item, I figured why not? I will give it a try! I am not a great sleeper and am willing to try anything to feel better. Well, the first night I diffused it, it did NOT work for me. In fact, I think it gave me a headache and I did not like the smell. The second night, my husband fell asleep before my son putting him to bed. Why? Because I put the diffuser in there with peace and calming to get my son to relax. Bittersweet. Even though it did not work me, I am glad it helped someone in my house fall asleep in seconds. Essential oils is a work in progress and endless knowledge. It is exciting to research oils and find out what they are used for and how I can incorporate them into my life or my families. In the end its all about trying to get back to wellness.

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